"You take it, practice many years, then shanti is coming ... no problem"
Sri K.Pattabhi Jois

January 2017
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"Understanding without practice is better than practice without understanding. Understanding with practice is better than understanding without practice. Residing in your true nature is better than understanding or practice."

Kristin Luna Ray Kirtan @ Yoga Springs


Stage set for kirtan. (Photo by Joshua Canter, Kristin Luna Ray Music)

Yesterday I spent a delightful evening of beautiful music in the company of good friends. The kirtan at the Yoga Springs studio in Springfield, Ohio was the first stop on Kristin Luna Ray‘s Spring tour through […]

Penultimate Day 2011

Has it been a year already? I closed out 2010 and began 2011 with yoga at the Sri Yoga Center‘s New Years Eve Satsanga, closing out the year with kirtan and japa then starting the new year in silent reflection and meditation.

2011 was an incredibly full year for me filled with workshops, kirtans […]

Luna Rasa Kirtan

I had a rare free Saturday night so I drove to Yoga Springs in Yellow Springs to attend the Luna Rasa Kirtan. I followed Michael and Mellissa from Sri Yoga just to be sure I could find it. Even though I had only formally met Luna and Joshua earlier today, they greeted me like […]

Bhakti Vinyasa Project at Sri Yoga

This morning I experienced the Bhakti Vinyasa Project at Sri Yoga Center for the third time. I took part in the BVP at Sri Yoga in October and December of last year and enjoyed both of those events immensely. Today’s practice was just as good, maybe even better. I think it gets […]